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Where is CTS Turbo based
Located in British Colombia, Canada, CTS turbo manufacture aftermarket components including intakes, exhaust & intercoolers all of which are precision made with the highest quality materials and are engineered to fit perfectly every time.We are an authorised retailer and dealer of CTS Turbo products in Canada. Buy with confidence knowing that our CTS Turbo products are gen …
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What’s the difference between JB4 and the competition?
JB4 vs racechip dte nm vr afe scorcher lap uncle and countless others.While the JB4 is the best and most highly developed piggyback tuning system there is no shortage of would-be competitors.We’ll discuss just a handful of the differences below.What is CANbus anyway? CANBus is the spinal cord that connects the many modules or computers throughout your vehicle together and allow …
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What’s the difference between a JB4 and a flash tune?
This question comes up often when customers are evaluating what method to use for modifying their vehicle’s performance.JB4 vs cobb bm3 bootmod3 mhd apr giac dmetune weistec flash hptuners eurocharged unitronic ktuner hondata openflash and countless others.The JB4 is a programmable computer that attaches between the ECU and vehicle sensors allowing it to adjust your vehicle’s t …
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