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034Motorsport - Revision Nomenclature Breakdown

Posted by 034Motorsport on Oct 27, 2023

034Motorsport - Revision Nomenclature Breakdown

Revisions will be listed under 3 main categories, as shown in the numbering of the revision.

Example: R7.1.5

The first digit signifies a Major Revision/version change/count. In this example, 7 would be the most recent of major revisions. These numbers change when a major feature has been added or updated (such as Advanced Launch Control or higher power output files).

The second digit signifies a minor revision/version change/count or changes to files that are not considered major but are noticeable in the overall performance and refinement of the car. In this example, the 1 in R7.1.5 would mean that a minor change was added over the base R7 file.

The third digit signifies a sub-revision/version change/count or changes that are very minor/unnoticeable. These adjustments are generally box-code specific adjustments or bug fixes that change parameters of the tuning that most will never notice in their day to day driving but refines the overall file by solving minor bugs. In this example, the 5 in R7.1.5 would be the 5th minor sub-revision to this file on this box code.

Note: Not every box code needs the same sub-revision changes. Often they are box code specific and not necessary for every box code. If there is no sub-revision number listed for your file on your portal, then there is no need for an update in that category of the patch.

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