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New ECS Product Release - 3.0T Throttle Body Upgrade B8 S4/S5, C7 A6/A7, B8 Q5/SQ5 - Audi
Have dual pulleys and ready for more? Remove the last major restriction and open up the power and potential of your supercharged 3.0T Audi! The stock throttle body is smaller than the supercharger inlet creating a massive restriction and directly responsible for power loss. ECS Tuning's in-house designed and engineered Performance Throttle Body Upgrade will do the trick.
Designed with a smooth flow path in mind, we start off with a wire reinforced silicone inlet that resists collapse and is stepped in the internal diameter to create a smooth transition to the throttle body. We then went with a high quality OEM Mopar 80mm throttle body that is 10mm larger and has 30% more cross sectional area than OE. The final step is the cast aluminum adapter housing with port matched internal diameters to provide the smoothest flow path possible. On our test car, we saw 415 HP and 385 TQ at the WHEELS with supporting mods.
  • Adapts lager throttle body to existing 3.0T supercharger
    Substantially more airflow capacity, reducing the main pre-supercharger restriction point
  • Works with ECS Tuning intakes and requires modification to fit other brands
  • 80mm inside diameter Mopar throttle body (10mm larger than OE)
  • 30% more cross sectional area over the stock throttle body
  • Cast aluminum adapter optimized for flow with port matched inside diameters
  • Wire reinforced silicone inlet tube to resist collapse with increase flow
  • Internal diameter matched stepped silicone for smooth transition
  • Mopar throttle body with ECS adapter had a flow rate of 435 CFM @ -10 in H2O test pressure
  • Stock throttle body had a flow rate of 375 CFM @ -10 in H2O test pressure
  • 415WHP @ 6850 RPM
  • 385WTQ @ 3900 RPM
  • Test car upgrades: IE dual pulley 93 octane 80mm throttle body tune, ECS exhaust (valves open, stock catalytic converters), ECS supercharger heat exchanger, ECS Kohlfaser Luft Technik Intake, ECS supercharger and crank pulley

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