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Wheel and Tire Accessories

Replacement bolts, nuts, and studs, wheel spacers, center cap, valve stems, hub centric rings, wheel locks, detailing supplies, TPMS, snow chain, tire stickers, wheel paint and more!


Detail your alloy wheels the right way to keep them looking new. Harsh cleaners and aggressive brush bristles can scratch and dull the wheel surface. 

Emergency Spare0

Peace of mind on the road means having a full emergency spare wheel and tire kit.

Emergency Spare
Hubcentric Rings0

Reduce wheel wobble and vibration with hub centric rings. These affordable circular spacers fill the gap between the wheel center hole and hub diameter to keep your rims running true, an important consideration when installing some aftermarket alloy wheels.

Hubcentric Rings

Your alloy wheels are a sizable investment. Protect them from thieves with tamperproof lug bolts and wheel bolt locking caps. 

Lug Nuts134

Replacement bolts, nuts, and studs for your wheel hub. Each wheel requires a specific setup, so changing your wheels may mean changing your lug nuts.

Lug Nuts

Organize your garage to reduce clutter and free up space with convenient wheel storage solutions from Exo Performance. Cover, stack, and protect your wheels and tires in the off season to keep them clean and safe.


Exo Performance is your Canada is #1 Source for European Performance Parts. Be it suspension, performance software or exhaust systems, you can trust Exo Performance for all your automotive needs. With renowned brands like ECS Tuning, CTS Turbo, Integrated Engineering, Turner Motorsport, Burger Motorsports and 034Motorsport, Exo Performance provides unparalleled quality. Looking for new wheels to jazz up the look of your car, have a look at APEX Wheels, Vossen Wheels, or Niche Wheels for top-quality wheels at exceptionally affordable prices. is structured to make shopping easy, with all parts and accessories intuitively organized. Each product category features plenty of useful illustrations, descriptions, menu choices and search options so you can effortlessly find what you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll find links to helpful guides and articles, written by professional technicians and car enthusiasts and filled with timely advice and additional product information, as well as links to product reviews posted by other customers.

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